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Principal's Corner

April 23, 2017

Hot off the presses – after a big win last night – The Sci O team won first in the state and is going to nationals!  Details will be on the website early this week, but I wanted to give them a shout out as quickly as possible.  Each State is only allowed to send two teams to Nationals and Texas is an almost impossible state in which to land in the top 2.  Sci O has done it now three years in a row!  It’s very exciting for a group of students who work so hard with very little public acknowledgment.   You guys are amazing!


College Signing Day

This Friday, April 28th, is officially College Signing Day.  If you have a senior, encourage them to wear a shirt from the school they plan to attend next year.  This is the day we take the state and regional pictures of all our graduating seniors for the Senior Salute program. 


Testing Season is about to begin!

APs and EOCs are now only a week away.  The two weeks of APs can be disorienting since many students have their routines changed.  The most important thing to remember is that the morning tests begin promptly at 8:00am.  If someone comes late to an AP, they cannot be let in.  Once the test has started, that’s it.  The students taking the morning APs are fortunate, however, that with your assistance and PFLASA’s amazing organizational skills, we are able to provide breakfast for students who are AP testing every morning.  We are also thankful for the parents who agreed to assist us with the very exciting (yes, said with sarcasm) monitoring of the tests.  If you would like to help with monitoring, but have not yet signed up, please contact Ms Czaplinski as soon as possible.  So that you can have it all in one place, here are the AP and EOC tests that will happen starting May 1st.

Monday May 1st  

Algebra 1 EOC

AM – AP Chem

          APES (AP Environmental Science)

PM – AP Psychology

Tuesday May 2nd

AM – AP Computer Science

PM – AP Physics 1

          AP Art History

Wednesday May 3rd (our biggest testing day)

Biology EOC

US History EOC

AM – AP English Literature (seniors)

This morning the sophomores will be doing their final review for WHAP.

PM – AP Japanese Langauge

Thursday May 4th

AM – AP US Government

PM – AP Chinese Language

Friday May 5th

AM – AP German Language

          APUSH (AP US History)

PM – no tests, but Studio Art Portfolios are due by this time.

Week 2

Monday May 8th

AM – AP Biology

          AP Music Theory

PM – AP Physics C Mechanics

          AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism

Tuesday May 9th

AM – AP Calculus AB

           AP Calculus BC

PM – AP French Language

Wednesday May 10th

AM – AP English Language (juniors)

PM – AP Macro Economics

Thursday May 11th

AM – WHAP (World History AP)

PM – AP Statistics


Friday May 12th

AM – AP Human Geography

           AP Micro Economics

PM – AP European History

          AP Latin

Then we celebrate the end of the testing season with Coffeehouse!  I will talk more about that next week, but so that you have it on your calendar, Coffeehouse will be the evening of May 12th.  It’s definitely a don’t miss event!


Senior Scholarship Amounts Due

I know seniors are tired and at the point where they are almost “over” the college application/acceptance process.  However, we need them to send Ms. Kocian the information and documentation (screen shots of emails are fine) of any scholarship offers they received.   Ms. Kocian works incredibly hard for our seniors and this is one of the ways in which she is “evaluated” by the district.  As of Friday afternoon, just less than 30% of the senior class sent her anything.   Please, please, please, for Ms. Kocian’s sanity, if you have a senior help remind them to send her ALL of their scholarship information ASAP. 



In general most communication from our campus happens through email.  Every night our Naviance database is updated through what is called the TEAMS database.  The information in TEAMS comes from what you gave us the beginning of the year when you registered (or re-registered) your student.  TEAMS itself does not have a function to email large masses of people, that is why we use Naviance.  You do not need to do anything in Naviance to receive emails.  You never even have to log –in!  You do have to make sure, however, that your email is correct in TEAMS.  If at some point you stop receiving this weekly messages, please contact the front office so we can double check that nothing has changed with the email we have listed in TEAMS.   

On a similar note, there is a general list serve that some parents use to communicate with each other.  This list serve is not directly affiliated with the school and no LASA administrators, including myself, subscribe to it.  It’s really a place for some parents to ask questions and vent their frustrations to other parents.  It’s completely unrelated to the school itself.  If you have a question, comment or complaint, please make sure you contact the campus directly.  Unless I hear directly from individuals, I don’t assume there is a problem – even if the list serve is going crazy over something. 


2017 – 2018 Bell Schedule

The general bell schedule for 17-18 is finally set.  Ms. Henry, the principal of LBJ, and I were tasked with coming up with a bell schedule that matched for both LBJ and LASA.  As with anything between the two schools, each had to compromise.   You will see that there are pros and cons to this schedule, just as there are every year.  On the pro side, we start a little later, yet end a few minutes earlier.  On the con side, FIT sessions will not be mandatory and will take place before and after school instead of the middle of the day.  Students who ride the bus will arrive at approximately the same time as this year, which doesn’t help with sleeping in later, but will give them greater access to morning practices and FIT sessions. 

Daily Bell Schedule for LBJ and LASA

8:30 – 10:00       1st and 5th period 90 minutes

10:05 – 11:40     2nd and 6th periods 95 minutes (LASA announcements will take place during this period)

11:40 – 12:35     Lunch

12:40 – 2:10       3rd and 7th periods 90 minutes

2:15 – 3:45         4th and 8th periods 90 minutes

FIT sessions will be scheduled alongside teacher’s office hours for before and after school times.


AISD Budget Talks

If you are interested in learning more about the AISD budget, the upcoming community conversations are for you!  See below for details.    

Austin ISD Budget Community Conversations

Austin ISD hosts a series of community conversations in April on its 2017–18 preliminary budget.

The first meeting is 1–2 p.m. April 26 at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center, 1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd.

April 27 will offer a pair of opportunities: 1–2 p.m. at the Baker Center cafeteria, 3908 Avenue B; and 6–7:30 p.m. at the Carruth Administration Center, Board Rood, 1111 W. Sixth St.

The evening meeting will be televised on AISD.TV and live streamed on austinisd.org.

Refreshments and interpretation services will be provided at all meetings.

For more information, visit austinisd.org/budget