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Principal's Corner

September 10, 2017


Typically these messages come out early Sunday morning. Unfortuantely Naviance was having technical issues and did not go on-line for mass emailing until just now.  Thank you for your understanding. 


Amazing turn out at Back to School Night!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  Don’t forget, Bring Your Parent to School Days are on September 19th and 20th.  You’ll find more information below.  We look forward to seeing you again then.


Attendance Appeal Paperwork – If your student lost credit in a class last semester due to attendance now is the time for them to file their appeal paperwork.  The process is very easy. All your kiddo has to do is stop by Ms. V’s desk in the main office and request the paperwork.  She will give them a copy of their schedule and attendance from last year as well as an appeal sheet.  The student completes the appeal sheet, you sign it and it is returned to Ms. V.  This week I will start meeting with the students who completed their paperwork and whose attendance was between 89.9% and 75%.  The meetings are generally very fast.  If last year the student brought their documentation when absent so they have zero or very few UNX codes, I will grant credit.  If the student did not bring their documentation then they will need to attend one hour of FIT or office hours for each UNX they are trying to recover.  If a student had below 75% attendance in a class they passed, state law requires their appeal to go before the attendance committee.  This group will meet Thursday to start working with any students in this situation.


Club Fair – On Thursday during lunch we will hold our Club Fair.  This is an opportunity for students to walk around and see all the various clubs they can join.  This year, LBJ and LASA will both participate in the Club Fair, so tables will be out all over the first and second floors.  Feeling a part of a group with similar interests is important to a sense of overall belonging in high school.  Clubs can be a great way to meet other students with similar interests as well as a way to relax and de-stress.  Particularly if your student is new to LASA, I encourage them to walk around during lunch on Thursday and decide which club or clubs they might want to join. 


Food Truck – The AISD “Nacho Average Food Truck” will be visiting campus on Friday September 15th.  Students can choose to eat lunch in the cafeteria or at the food truck. The lunch features globally themed nachos.  The food truck serves reimbursable meals, just like the cafeteria.  The food truck also accepts cash.  It will located in front of the school near the Texas. 


Speaking of food, don’t forget starting Monday we will be accepting donations for the Hope Food Pantry.  You can bring your donations either to the front office or to Mr. Loewenstern’s room. 


One of the LASA traditions I love is Bring Your Parent to School Days.  This year, BYPTSD will take place on September 19th and 20th.  I encourage everyone who is able to move around their schedule to attend one or both of these days.  Parents meet in the library before school and then proceed to attend their student’s classes.  We alter nothing during the class periods for these days.  Your experience is completely authentic.  You might sit in a class and listen to a lecture or discussion.  You might be asked to participate in a debate or take a quiz/test.  Please be open to any and all of these experiences.  Here are a couple of other reminders…

                **Badges and schedules will be printed as you arrive

                ** You are welcome to arrive and leave when it fits your schedule; however to help the class flow naturally, we ask that you only enter a class at the beginning of the period and leave at the end of a period. 

                ** Please put your cell phone on silent or vibrate.  If you must take a call during a class period, you are welcome to step out into the hallway.

                **All grade levels are welcome!  Trust me the Junior and Senior classes are VERY worth visiting.  You will feel smarter after just one period!

                ** Do not let your child tell you not to come.  This is your decision, not theirs.  If they are truly mortified by the thought of you visiting their class, then go to the same class just go a different period.  

                **Parents can bring their own lunch or buy from the cafeteria.  You may eat with your student or in room 276 with other parents. 

This is a great way to get a small glimpse into what your student experiences each and every day.  We hope to see you there!



PSAT – before you know it, PSAT day will be here.  At LASA we have all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students participate in the PSAT.  9th and 10th graders take the 11th grade test as a diagnostic only, while 11th graders take it to see if they are eligible for National Merit recognitions.  I will let you know more about the test closer to the date in October, but for now, if you are the parent of a 9th or 10th grader – don’t worry; there is nothing your child needs to do.  If your student is an 11thgrader, then it would be worthwhile for them to look at last year’s score and take some time thinking about and preparing for this year’s test.  College Board has free practice tests on-line and students can use information from their 9th and 10thgrade tests to guide their studying.  Please remember the PSAT changed last year.  Both the test and the calculation of final scores are different.  The Reading and Writing is now worth double that of the Math section.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact myself or any of our wonderful academic counselors. 


Congratulations to the almost 90…that’s right almost 90! Students from the class of 2018 who will receive Commended Recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program.


Akshara Anand

Griffin Ancipink

James Beckett

Sai Pranathi Bingi

Hanna Bottema

Christian Brewster

Marcella Cannatti

Ella Carlander

Alexander Carter

Alabel Chapin

Raavi Chokhawala

Alexander Cohan

Kieran Cosgrove

Dylan Cox

Aaron Crisler

Mia Crockett

Johnny Dang

Devang Deepak

Nirali Devgan

Cassidy Dreyfus

Jonathan Flukinger

Cade Foster

Rachel Fuller

Nicholas Gonzalez

Emma green

Julia Grim

Andrew Hall

Nicholas Hammel

John Hardin

Madeleine Havranek

Rebecca Hicke

Evan Hildebrandt

Emma Jane Hopper

Lilian Gotz

Abigail Hricik

Avram Hurewitz

Eleanor Jewart

Aadarsh Jha

Michael Johnson

Tasi Jones

Alex Kachkine

Mihir Kamble

Stephanie Kanbe

Tyler Kaung

Kanoa Kelly

Prerna Kundalgurki

Eva Legge

Angela Li

Ethan Lim

Sarah Lucas

Joanna Ma

Lila Madden

Gabriela Madrid

Alexander Mancevski

Lauren Mangibin

Alexander McLeod

Imaan Moin

Cameron Murdock

Ulan Notzon

Grace Olwell

Shea Popov

Oliver Powers

Shruti Prasad

Srikari Punyamurtula

Clara Richardson

Ethan Rivers

Jacob Roth

Aidan Sankar

Ethan Schaffer

Emma Seaborn

Noah Shimizu

Alexander Siegenthaler

Katherine Siegenthaler

Carly Smith

Graham Stockton

Roy Stracovsky

Caitlin Tibbits

Emma Tiblier

Dessie Tien

Sawyer Timco

Zoe Trungale

Sreenidhi Tupuri

James Uyeki

Sahil Vaidya

Vasanti Varma

Caroline Voges

Samantha Wallace

Jane Walters

Lara Williams