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Principal's Corner

Principal's Message March 6, 2017

Spring Break is truly almost upon us.  I know students are tired and looking forward to a week off.  Please help them remember that being at school every day this week is important.  Progress reports for teachers are due and many teachers have content they feel they have to get through or quizzes/tests that they want students to take before being gone for a week.  This is particularly true for seniors.  Seniors, like all other students, are expected to be at school and in class Monday thru Friday.  It’s only 5 days, they can do this. 

Cap & Gown Pictures

Speaking of seniors, graduation is not too far off.  In case you did not know, our students rent their cap and gown.  They receive them at the last practice before graduation.  Because of this,  parents sometimes have a hard time getting all the pictures they want of their graduate in their cap and gown.  Michael McLennan from Keep It Digital has teamed up with Jostens to help solve this.  He will be on campus Monday, Tuesday and Thursday taking cap and gown pictures for both LBJ and LASA.  Jostens is loaning him the robes and caps for those days.  If you are interested I have attached his flyer and a price sheet. 

Donations for Food Pantry

This is the last week to bring a donation for the Hope Food Pantry.  So, if you haven’t already put that extra jar of peanut butter, bag of rice or box of cereal on your grocery list –do it this week!  


FABPAC has completed its final round of community engagement.  Thank you to everyone who went out and took these opportunities to make your voice heard.  At this juncture, it’s unsure what the final recommendation will be.  I have heard three different ideas discussed in the last week or so.

** Keep LASA at same location, but add a building to allow for increased student growth.

**Move LASA to a new location within 20 miles of all elementary schools. Keep it comprehensive and allow for student growth.

** Keep LASA at same location, cap number much lower and open another co-located magnet down south.

If you feel strongly for or against one of these ideas, I encourage you to contact your board member or FABPAC.  Emails for board members and FABPAC correspondence can be found on the AISD website.


Well, decision letters were sent last Friday and out of 585 8thgrade applicants we accepted 367.  We are shooting for an incoming class of about 300.  I have looked at a variety of data points, but still have a few more to analyze before sending it all out to you.  What is probably most interesting to know right now is that we sent rejection letters to 158 students who would have qualified in previous years.  So really, if we had the space, we could have accepted 525 of the 585 applicants.  Try to wrap your head around that.