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Principal's Corner

May 21, 2017

Not saying I’m counting down or anything, but there are three full days of school left and four half days.  Next week your student will have a normal school day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Finals will start Thursday, so students will finish at 12:25.  Then there is a four day weekend for students. The week after Memorial weekend we have finals Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The class of 2017 will graduate Friday at 10:00.  Yes, it’s a bit of a strange schedule, but at least students should be well rested going into the last three days of finals.  As a reminder, on all of the half days, except the last day of school, a late bus will run at 4:30 for students that need to stay on campus for tutoring, study sessions or club meetings.Kids can catch the late bus out by the bus loop.

A cubed

This week is our big academic awards ceremony.  LASA’s Academic Achievement Awards, lovingly referred to as Ais what many other high schools call their Trustee Awards.  It will be held on Wednesday at 6:00 P.M. in the theater.  At this ceremony we honor the students who will be this year’s recipients of AISD’s Trustee Awards as well as a large number of students who are getting “special awards”.  Many people are often confused by Trustee Awards, so I want to take a minute and explain how they work.  AISD’s Trustee Awards recognize students ranked in the top 10% of their class, inclusive of only the grades they received in the current school year.  What the heck does that mean?  It means that for 9th graders, none of their grades from middle school factor in the calculation.  For seniors, and this is where most people get confused, it only factors in the classes a student took this school year.  It is not cumulative.  Every year we have students in the top 10% of their class cumulatively who do not receive a Trustee Award because they are not in the top 10% if you only look at the classes everyone in their grade took this particular school year.  Yes, I know this is a little wacky and I always handle emails and calls asking both “Why did my child receive the award for the last X number of years, but not this year?” as well as “How the heck did my student receive this award, s/he has never been in the top 10%?”  It’s all correct.  Just know Trustee Awards are odd like that. 

Field Day

Thank you to PFLASA and PTSA for their donations that helped Field Day be an incredible success.  We were holding our breath until the very last minute with regards to weather, but in the end it couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Outside students were running around throwing footballs, diving into an inflatable with water, jumping around in another inflatable, playing moderately competitive soccer and dodge ball.  Inside there were movies running, rooms filled with students playing board and video games and some terrific jewelry making and rock painting.  We know we ask LASA students to work hard all year round, so it’s nice to have a few hours where they can just hang out with their friends, relax and have fun.  There is a lot to be said for the stress relief of laughter and playfulness and believe me I heard a ton of laughter Friday afternoon.


If you have a junior and they seem a bit anxious, it might be because the counselors have started talking with the Class of 2018 about college.  Our goal is not to stress them out, but we do want to make sure each junior knows where s/he should be in regards to the process when they return to school in the fall.  In general, when a student steps onto campus that first day as a senior, they should have their recommendation folder ready to go (they are working on it now in English class, so this shouldn’t be a difficult one), have their SAT or ACT testing complete (or all but complete) and have their list of schools narrowed down to a reasonable number.  With the list of schools, seniors should be able to explain why they think they are a “good fit” at each of the schools.  This is no longer a random list of all the schools they might potentially consider.  Over the summer they should have researched each school and narrowed the list down to only places where they really want to apply.  If you ever wonder what your student should be doing there is a checklist in Naviance that walks you through what a student should be doing each year of high school to lower stress and be on target to have everything done in time to apply to college.  I encourage everyone to take a look.  Naviance is a great source of information.

A/B schedule attached

For those of you with underclassmen who REALLY want to get a jump on scheduling for next year.  I have attached the A/B schedule to this week’s principal’s message.   Enjoy.

Asbestos Abetment

This summer there will be some construction happening on campus.  Because of that the fine arts/dungeon area will not have AC for much of the summer and there will be sections of the building blocked off at various times.  Because our building was constructed in the 70s, there are still places that have asbestos.  A letter from construction management is scheduled to go home this week, but since I know letters of that nature are often “lost” in backpacks or left on the floors of classrooms, here is what it says.

“Under the 2013 Bond Program, renovations and additions are occurring on thei Campus from May 2017 – August 2017.  As part of the construction activites, abatement of asbestos materials will be ongoing in parts of the campus that coincide with the beginning of construction activities for that area.

Abatement activity will be during the summer, after hours or on weekends only, and no access will be permitted by the public to any of the affected areas.  All active construction areas will be maintained and clearly marked as off limits to Students, Faculty and Staff per AISD policies for safety.  After the abetment activity, the affected areas will be thoroughly tested and certified ready for occupancy. 

The health and safety of Students and Staff is a top priority of AISD, so close attention will be given to ensure that best industry practices will be utilized by AISD Contractors and Construction Management Department (CMD) Staff.  All AISD abatement procedures are performed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.

If you have any specific concerns regarding this matter, please call CMD Project manager Roben Taglienti at (512) 414-8951 or Jason buster, TASB Program Manager at (512) 467-0222.”


Don’t say I didn’t tell you.


Have a great Memorial Weekend.  The next Principal’s Message will come out Monday next week instead of Sunday. 

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