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Crescenzi, Stacia Principal
Paulson, Andy Academy Director 10th-12th Students A-L
Czaplinski, San Assistant Principal 10th-12th Students M-Z
Hernandez, Marc Assistant Principal- All Freshmen

Adelman, Elisha English Teacher
Aguayo Tabor, Maricruz Social Studies Department Chair
Alexander-Driscoll,  Melissa Theatre Teacher
Backstrom,  Luzvic Orchestra Director
Bailey, Ryan Math Teacher
Barnes, Charlie Math Teacher
Bertucci, Anthony Science - Robotics
Browne, Angie LOTE Spanish Language Teacher
Browne, Byron LOTE Latin Teacher
Cardinale, Chloe English Teacher
Chin, Bob Science Teacher
Cooper, Judy English Ezine Graphic Design Teacher, Newspaper
Crosby, Clare Science Planet Earth, Apes
Croston, Jon Math Teacher
Crow, Kevin Math Teacher
Davis, Ed Math Teacher
Deram, Mathew Math Teacher
Earnhart, Alison Science Teacher
East, Ponder Asst Band Director, Jazz Band, Fine Arts Dept Chair
Escandell, Adam Social Studies
Fischer, Jessica Art Teacher
Flowers, Jason Social Studies
Fukuhara-Karch, Hiroko LOTE Japanese Teacher
Gardner, Tracie Special Education
Giulietti, Jill E-Zine Teacher
Hannon, Meaghan LOTE French
Harper, Dan Science Teacher
Harrelson, Sarah Math Teacher
Harry, Mo English Teacher Department Chair
Hewitt, Elizabeth Art Teacher
Huang, Xuemei LOTE Chinese Teacher
Hutson, Jill Science Teacher
Icaro, Josephine English Teacher
Journeay, Dave Science Teacher Department Head
Karch, Marc Social Studies
Kelly, Mary LOTE American Sign Language
Kiker, William Math Teacher
Kroneberger, Julia English Teacher
Lacera, Adriana LOTE Spanish Language Teacher
Laughead, Marshall Math & Spanish Teacher
Lizak, Christopher Band Percussion Director
Loewenstern, Neil Social Studies
Mayer, Brian Band Director
McGarvey, Molly English Teacher
McNiel, Glen Math Teacher Geometry
Miller, Shelby Dance Instructor/First Ladies
Mokry, Vanessa Video Productions Teacher
Moody, Cody Social Studies
Moore, Amy Science Teacher
Mueller, Rainer Computer Science Teacher
Oleniczak, Joseph Science Teacher
Owens, Ellen Science Teacher
Palmer, Caitlin Creative Writing and Great Ideas Teacher
Pettigrew, Kimberley Social Studies
Risinger, Ronny Social Studies
Salilnas, Alexandra Science Teacher
Seagren, Carl Science Teacher
Sharp, Brad English Teacher
Shebaro, Tania LOTE Spanish Language Teacher
Shockey, James Computer Science Teacher
Snyder, Corey English Teacher
Stormberg, John Science Teacher
Swan, Christina English Teacher
Tapscott, Justin English Teacher
Tavakkol, Peggy Science Pre-AP Biology Teacher
Touchstone, Kelli English E-zine Graphic Design
Walker, David Science Teacher
Weaver, Claire LOTE German Teacher
Wilson, Helen Science Teacher

Bergeron, Shannon Guidance Counselor
Butler, Meagan Guidance Services
Cutler, Fred Management Assistant to the Principal
Dwinells, CIndy Registrar
Ensz, Kelsey Guidance Secretary
Ephriam, Ray Security
Foree, Karen Bookkeeper
Kocian, Jamie Guidance Services
McPherson, Carole Guidance Services
Owen, Amy School Nurse
Rivera, Marissa Guidance Services
Sifuentes, Adela Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Smith, Patricia FIT Coordinator
Thomas, Allie Guidance Counselor
Thompson, Elaine Data Processor
Villarreal , Claudia Attendance
Woodrow, Sandi Guidance Services

Representative, PFLASA PFLASA