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Sci-O wins in Philly!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

LASA SciO had a great tournament this past weekend at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia!  Our team placed 1stout of 50 teams from around the nation, this being the first out-of-state invitational tournament that we have won in two years!


Below is a list of those who competed and a record of top-6 finishes in individual events. Please congratulate these students if you see them. I've also attached some team photos -- the first with Ben Franklin, the second following awards, and the third from our return from dinner on Saturday night amidst some pretty intense snowfall.



UPenn Team:

Akshara Anand

 Arushi Harkawat

Carly Smith

Cora Lewis

 Danika Luo

Edward Lee

Kevin Black

Manasa Sudunagunta

Michael Taleff

Prerna Kundalgurki

Sarah Chieng

Shubhanga Ballal

Yash Patil

Top-6 Finishes:

1st Place – Dynamic Planet – Michael Taleff and Shubhanga Ballal

1st Place – Ecology – Edward Lee and Prerna Kundalgurki

1st Place – Microbe Mission – Prerna Kundalgurki and Edward Lee

1st Place – Mousetrap Vehicle – Yash Patil and Carly Smith

2nd Place – Experimental Design – Sarah Chieng, Edward Lee, Arushi Harkawat

2nd Place – Herpetology – Manasa Sudunagunta and Prerna Kundalgurki

3rd Place – Anatomy and Physiology – Edward Lee and Arushi Harkawat

3rd Place – Disease Detectives – Akshara Anand and Danika Luo

3rd Place – Game On – Kevin Black and Sarah Chieng

3rd Place – Materials Science – Michael Taleff and Shubhanga Ballal

4th Place – Forensics – Akshara Anand and Michael Taleff

4th Place – Optics – Shubhanga Ballal and Carly Smith

4th Place – Remote Sensing – Danika Luo and Michael Taleff

6th Place – Mission Possible – Carly Smith and Yash Patil

6th Place – Towers – Carly Smith and Cora Lewis


Congrats to these students on a very well-deserved win!

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