School Profile

Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School

CEEB Code: 440069

2015-2016 School Profile

7309 Lazy Creek Drive · Austin, TX 78724

Telephone: 512-414-LASA · Fax: 512-414-6050 · Web site: www.lasahighschool.org



The Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) High School is a four-year comprehensive, public, urban, advanced academic magnet high school of 1,122 students. The class of 2017 numbers 251 students. The program recruits the most academically advanced students from public and private middle schools in Austin; as such, admission to LASA is competitive, based on test scores, previous accomplishments and teacher recommendations.


The LBJ Science Academy, Austin's first magnet program, was created in 1985. The Liberal Arts Academy at Johnston High School opened in 1987. The two programs were merged in 2002 and became the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA), housed on the Lyndon Baines Johnson High School campus. In 2007, the school board voted to make LASA its own high school. The two high schools, LASA and LBJ, are housed on the same campus and still share fine arts and athletics classes. They compete in UIL events as one school.


LASA educates socially responsible leaders, problem solvers, and thinkers through a nationally recognized, rigorous, innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum.


Race/Ethnicity (2016-2017)

Black/African-American 1.6%

American Indian/Alaska Native 0.1%

Asian 20%

Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 0.4%

Hispanic 17.4%

Multi-Racial 4.8%

White 55.7%


* Ranked #43 in US News and World Report's 2016 Best High Schools in America


* 96% matriculated to 4-year colleges and/or universities

* 2.8% matriculated to 2-year colleges

* 1.2% elected to take a Gap Year before enrolling in college


The curricular expectations for LASA students exceed that of a traditional curricular program. The curriculum for every course is written to go above and beyond state and district standards. LASA courses move at a quicker pace, cover more material, are project-based, and rely heavily on discussion and seminar style delivery of course information or the use, interpretation, and delivery of research.

Number of AP courses: 31 Number of Honors Courses: 108


One of the cornerstones of LASA is the group of courses known as Signature Courses. These innovative classes are collaborative in nature. Student groups research, design, implement and present projects in the sciences and humanities. LASA freshmen take Electronic Magazine and Science and Technology; sophomores take Planet Earth and Great Ideas. These classes are described in more detail on the LASA Web site in the Prospective Students section.


LASA students complete a rigorous program of study that requires a minimum of 26 credits for graduation. In addition to completing the requirements for the state of Texas Distinguished Achievement Program (as prescribed by the Texas Education Agency), students must complete a minimum of 17 magnet credits to receive a Magnet endorsement upon graduation.


An upperclassman will typically take 4 to 5 AP courses per semester. In 2016, on their own initiative, LASA students took 2,160 Advanced Placement tests with an 82% passing rate. Advanced Placement courses are offered in the following areas: U.S. Government, Comparative Government, French Language, Computer Science, Spanish Language, Statistics, Chinese Language, Calculus AB/BC, English Literature, German Language, Japanese Language and Culture, Latin, U.S. History, European History, Studio Art, Biology, Music Theory, Physics B, Physics C:M/EM, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology, English Language, Economics: Micro/Macro, Spanish Literature, Art History, World History, and Human Geography.


Letter Grade Numeric Value Weighted value Unweighted value

A 90 - 100 4.0 - 5.0 3.0 - 4.0

B 80 - 89 3.0 - 3.9 2.0 - 2.9

C 70 - 79 2.0 - 2.9 1.0 - 1.9

F 69 or Below 0.0 0.0

The theoretical maximum GPA is 4.8 on a 4.0 scale, reflecting the number of required unweighted courses as well as 1 additional grade point for pre-AP, AP, and advanced courses. All courses are included in the cumulative GPA. GPA information for the class of 2016 is as follows:

Highest GPA: 4.7356 Lowest GPA: 2.5255


Because admission to LASA is competitive and tested aptitudes are above the national average, rank in class cannot be regarded as a valid indication of preparation for college for the students at LASA. For this reason, we only report class rank for the top ten percent of the senior class applying to Texas public universities pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 51.803.


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Commended 44 49 50 64 NA

Semifinalist 26 32 33 33 NA

Finalist 26 29 31 31 NA

National Hispanic Recognition 11 18 14 14 NA


Class of 2015

*2016 update coming soon


Overall Mean 668 669 644

700-800 89 78 67

600-690 59 80 72

500-590 37 29 44

400-490 10 8 11

300-390 0 0 1

200-290 0 0 0


(179 students tested) Class of 2016

E M R S Comp

Overall Mean 29.6 29.4 29.8 29.5 29.8


Ms. Stacia Crescenzi- Principal

Mr. Andy Paulson - Academy Director

Mr. Marc Hernandez- Assistant Principal

Ms. San Czaplinski - Assistant Principal

Ms. Shannon Bergeron - Lead Counselor (A-D)

Ms. Carole McPherson - Counselor (E-L)

Ms. Alawan Thomas - Counselor (M-R)

Ms. Sandi Woodrow - Counselor (S-Z)

Ms. Jamie Kocian - College Counselor

Ms. Cindy Dwinells - Registrar


To aid in the evaluation of the transcript for admissions review, those courses, where further explanation is deemed appropriate, are listed below with corresponding codes. *LASA Signature Courses; (DC) - Dual Credit

Class Code Equivalent Course Subject

INTHUML Great Ideas* Local Credit

GRAPHDI Electronic Magazine* Career Tech Ed

SCITECH Science-Technology* Elective

PLNEAR Planet Earth* Elective

INSTUMTH Adv Mathematical Reasoning Mathematics

INSTUMTH Diff Equations (w/APCALCBC) Mathematics

ADVBIOT Advanced Biotechnology Science

SCIRD Organic Chemistry Science

FIRE1/2 Firefighter Academy Career Tech Ed

PROBS1 Digital Electronics Career Tech Ed

SCIRD Robotics 1 Career Tech Ed

SCIRD2 Robotics 2 Career Tech EdClass Code Equivalent Course Subject

SCIRD3 Robotics 3 Career Tech Ed

WEBTECH Web Applications Career Tech Ed

APTACSA AP Computer Science Technical App

TAIND1/2 Ind Study Tech App Technical App

IND ENG Literature to Film Elective

IND ENG2 Philosophy Elective

IND ENG3 Songwriting Elective

IND JOUR1/2 Newspaper/Yearbook Editors Elective

LM1/2 Literary Magazine Elective

SS ADV Amateur Radio Elective

SS ADV2 Model UN Elective

SPTSS Mock Trial Elective

SPTSS2 Constitutional Law Elective

SPTSS3 Contemporary Issues Elective

SPTSS4 Facing History Elective

TECH WR Music & Revolution Elective

DELTA (on Current Courses form) - Speech/Health


(#) - Designates where members of the class of 2016 matriculated and corresponding number enrolled


Abilene Christian University

Agnes Scott College (1)

The University of Alabama (2)

Allegheny College

American University (3)

Amherst College

Angelo State University (1) Arizona State University (4)

The University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

Auburn University

Austin College (2) Austin Community College (5)

Bard College

Barnard College (1) Baylor University (2)

Belmont University Beloit College (1)

Bentley University (1) Blinn College (1)

Boston University

Bowdoin College Brandeis University (2)

University of British Columbia

Brown University (2)

Bryn Mawr College

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (2)

University of California, Berkeley University of California, Davis University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, San Diego

University of California,Santa Barbara (1)

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Cambridge (1) Carleton College (1) Carnegie Mellon University (2)

Case Western Reserve University

Centre College

Chapman University

College of Charleston

University of Chicago (2)

University of Cincinnati

Clark University

Clemson University

Colby College

University of Colorado at Boulder (1)

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Colorado Mesa University (1)

Colorado School of Mines (1)

Colorado State University

Concordia University

Connecticut College

Cornell University (3)

Creighton University

University of Dallas

University of Dayton

Denison UniversityDePaul University

DePauw University

Drexel University (2)

University College Dublin

Duke University (1)

Eckerd College

Elon University Emory University (1)

The Evergreen State College

Florida Institute of Technology

University of Florida (1) Fordham University

Fort Lewis College (1)

George Mason University

The George Washington University Georgetown University (1)

Georgia Institute of Technology (1)

The University of Georgia

Goucher College

Grinnell College (1)

Guilford College

Hampshire College

Hartwick College (1)

Harvard University (1)

Harvey Mudd College

Hendrix College (1)

Hillsdale College (1)

Hofstra University

College of the Holy Cross Hope College (1)

University of Houston (2)

University of Illinois at Urbana-


Indiana University at Bloomington

Iowa State University

Johns Hopkins University (3)

Kalamazoo College

Kansas State University

University of Kansas

Kenyon College

Kettering University

King's College London

Knox College

Lafayette College (1) Lamar University

Lehigh University (1) Lewis and Clark College (4)

Linfield College

Louisiana State University

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University New Orleans Macalester College

Marist College (1)

Marquette University

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Maryland Institute College of ArtMassachusetts Institute of Technology (3)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

McGill University (2)

The University of Memphis

University of Miami

University of Michigan (1)

Middlebury College

Millsaps College

Minerva Schools at KGI

Minneapolis College of Art & Design (2)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

University of Mississippi

Missouri University of Science and Technology

University of Missouri Columbia

Mount Holyoke College New York University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1)

North Carolina State University (1)

University of North Texas (3) Northeastern University (1)

University of Northern Colorado Northwestern University

University of Notre Dame

Oberlin College

The Ohio State University

University of Oklahoma (1)

Oregon State University

University of Oregon

Pennsylvania State University

Pepperdine University

University of Pittsburgh

Plymouth University (1) Pomona College (1)

Portland State University (1)

University of Portland (1) Pratt Institute (1)

University of Puget Sound (1)

Purdue University (1)

University of Redlands (1)

Reed College (1) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1) Rhodes College (2) Rice University (3)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (1)

Saint Mary's College of California

Sam Houston State University

University of San Francisco

Santa Clara University

Sarah Lawrence University (1)

School of Visual Arts

Schreiner University (1)

Scripps College (1)

Seattle University (1)

Sewanee: The University of the South (1)Simmons College

Smith College (2)

University of Southern California (1) Southern Methodist University (2) Southwestern University (5) St. Edward's University (8)

St. John's University

St. Mary's University

St. Olaf College Stanford University (3) Stephen F. Austin State University

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University Texas A&M University (9) Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University, Galveston

Texas A&M University, Kingsville

Texas Christian University (1)

Texas Lutheran University (1) Texas State University (7) Texas Tech University (6)

Texas Wesleyan University (1)

Texas Woman's University

University of Texas, Arlington (1) University of Texas at Austin (40) University of Texas, Dallas (29) University of Texas, San Antonio (1)

University of Texas, Tyler

Trinity College Dublin Trinity University (5)

Tufts University (1) Tulane University (2)

University of Tulsa

United States Air Force Academy (1)

University of the Incarnate Word

Vanderbilt University (1)

Vassar College

University of Vermont

Villanova University

Virginia Tech

University of Virginia

Washington University in St. Louis (1)

University of Washington (2)

Wellesley College (3)

Wesleyan University

West Virginia University (1)

Whatcom Community College (1)

Wheaton College IL (1)

Whitman College

Whittier College

Willamette University (3)

University of Wisconsin, Madison (2)

The College of Wooster Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Xavier University of Louisiana (1)

Yale University (1)