Magnet Endorsement

LASA Magnet Endorsement

The Magnet Endorsement signifies that students have gone above and beyond the state and district requirements for graduation.

To receive the LASA Magnet Endorsement a student must complete:

• All four signature courses

• Up through level 3 of a Language Other Than English

• 4 credits of math at LASA, or up through Multivariable Calculus

• 4 credits of English to include, English 1, 2, AP English 3 and AP English 4

• 4 credits of science at LASA to include Biology, Chemistry or AP Chemistry, Physics or AP Physics and an Advanced Science

• 4.0 credits of Social Studies with at least 3.0 credits received at LASA, credits must include W. Geo and AP World History

• credit in technology (students will chose from an approved list), below


Typical LASA High School Four-Year Plan 

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