Student ID #: __________________________________________________________ ___

Grade : _____________

Last Name: _____________________________________________

First Name: ____________________________

Driver's License Number: ___________________________

Make/Model: _________________________________

Year: _____________ Color: _____________

License Plate Number: _____________________________________

Insurance Company: _____________________________

Expiration Date: _________________________________

PARKING PERMITS ARE $5.00 (Cash/Check/ Money Order) A valid Texas drivers license /permit, proof of insurance and a license plate tag number is required to purchase a parking permit.

The parking permit is only valid for the 2016-2017 school year for the vehicle described above.  If you purchase another vehicle you must transfer the parking permit , but inform Mr. Ephraim( Austin ISD Security officer in room 255) of the new vehicle information. If your parking permit is lost for ANY reason you will be required to purchase a new one at full price throughout the school year. One permit is NOT authorized for multiple vehicles. You must purchase a permit for each vehicle you operate. Violations of the school parking policies will result to a revocation of privileges and possible towing of the offending vehicle.  An additional $25.00 littering fee will be charged to students found littering in the parking lot.

Students in 9th - 11th do not have the authority to leave campus during school hours. Day time curfew ordinance Monday - Friday 9:00am to 2:30pm.  The curfew ordinance applies to minor between age 10-16 years of age.  Any minor cited for a curfew violation will be issued a class C misdemeanor.  I also understand ONLY SENIORS over 17 years of age are allowed off campus during the lunch period.  If a senior transports a non-senior off campus during school hours, the senior's parking privileges will be revoked to park on campus for the 2015-2016 school year.

LBJ/LASA High School is a closed campus.  Once a student enters the campus he/she may not leave without a permit to leave or until the end of their school day.  Students who leave the school campus without a permit  will have their parking privileges revoked.

Parking spaces designated for faculty, visitors or marked in yellow numbers are NOT to be used by the students.  All student vehicles found parked in any of these areas, (1st time) will have a sticker notice placed on the window (2nd time) an orange boot placed on the front of the vehicle (3rd time) the vehicle will be towed.  No double parking is allowed. No parking is allowed behind the school gym (faculty) parking lot until the  last period of the day.  There are not reserved parking spaces for students in the student parking lot.  All vehicles must have valid inspection and registration.  Upon being notified of the infraction, the vehicle may not be parked on campus until  Mr. Ephriam (AISD security monitor) has verified the information.



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